LEAP aims to build processes and communities that actively question, evaluate and respond to emerging challenges in the development of biotechnology.

Active Reflection

Create the time, space, and framework for active reflection on the diverse, and sometimes conflicting, public interests and values.



Create a community of leaders in Synthetic Biology that can collaborate and share their ideas and build projects



Bring together the Synthetic Biology community with outside stakeholders to create lasting impacts



Create tools to help leaders realize their visions for their role in promoting synthetic biology in the public interest

Catalyzing leadership for biotechnology in the public interest

Synthetic biology is maturing into a globally significant enterprise with potentially far-reaching impacts across energy, the environment and health. Yet the network of people working in synthetic biology is increasingly diverse and distributed, making it ever more challenging to orient and organize efforts to deliver meaningful public goods.

To best advance synthetic biology, and biotechnology more broadly, we need new leaders and strategies for effectively engaging across academic, industry, government and public-benefit organizations. 

The Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (LEAP) envisions catalyzing a next generation of leaders in biotechnology to drive the responsible development of the field. In addition to building a cadre of young professionals taking on leadership roles in the synthetic biology community, LEAP aims to create sustainable tools and mechanisms for engaging a broader range of practitioners in the societal role of biotechnology development.

Most of biotechnology has yet to be imagined let alone made true. LEAP uniquely enables the world’s best and brightest to reflect on what might be done and whether to proceed. The LEAP fellowship is the key leadership community for shaping and realizing a future in which all people and nature flourish in partnership via biology.
— Drew Endy

LEAP has designed a program to facilitate leadership development and catalyze new initiatives to advance biotechnology in the public interest. 

Landscaping Workshop

Reviewing the social, technical, economic and political state of the field 

Leadership Workshop

Developing professional skills and Strategic Actions Plans 

Intensive Mentoring

A world-class network of leaders across sectors and disciplines 


Supporting the top Action Plans aimed at catalyzing new initiatives

Strategic Action Plans

Developed by Fellows which aim to address key issues for the field 



Fellows' insights and reflections during the Landscaping Workshop

Community Action Plans

Action plans from the community inspired by the LEAP program