LEAP Fellows are emerging leaders competitively selected for their leadership potential and visions for shaping the future of biotechnology in the public interest. 

Each LEAP cycle, 20–25 Fellows are competitively selected to participate. Participation is open to anyone and is by self-nomination. Whereas the first cycle of LEAP focused on recruiting North American participants, this cycle we worked with our UK partners to also solicit applicants from Europe. Our hope is that by working with new international partners that the program’s geographic reach will expand with each program cycle. 

We seek Fellows who: 

  • aspire to be leaders in advancing biotechnology in the public interest; 
  • articulate a community need or opportunity they are motivated to address; 
  • seek mentorship and partnership to help turn their ideas into action; 
  • want to develop knowledge, skills and capacities for working more effectively across social and organizational contexts. 
Backgrounds of the 2015 Fellows

Backgrounds of the 2015 Fellows

Participants are reviewed by a panel of distinguished leaders from across sectors. For the 2015 program, sixteen reviewers (including LEAP Alumni) selected applicants based on four key criteria: 

Person: Does this candidate show the potential to lead? 

Project: Does this candidate present a compelling project? 

Position: Is this candidate well-positioned to participate in LEAP? 

Program: Will this candidate benefit from LEAP? 


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