The development of Strategic Action Plans is one mechanism through which Fellows integrate their learnings from the program and translate them into action.


LEAP is designed to catalyze initiatives through which Fellows put their learnings into practice and empower others. As part of their application, Fellows outline a project idea articulating an important need or opportunity they are motivated to tackle during—and beyond—LEAP. This idea becomes the foundation of their Strategic Action Plan. 

As the program progresses, Fellows have the following opportunities to evolve, discard or merge their plans
in response to the LEAP program curriculum and the insights of other Fellows, mentors, stakeholders and the
wider community. The process, depicted on the following page, includes several stages:

  1. Fellows draft Strategic Action Plan proposals articulating key needs, stakeholders, and areas of uncertainty to guide their interactions during the Landscaping Workshop.
  2. The proposals undergo a self-directed peer review process.
  3. Fellows develop a draft Strategic Action Plan including options for implementation. The Leadership Workshop facilitates week-long rapid iteration of plans via daily presentations and feedback sessions, facilitated activities and a final presentation to a public audience. 
  4. Fellows write up their plans in the form of “white” or “vision” papers intended as public documents for a broad public audience, as well as a personal implementation plan.
  5. These papers undergo formal external review by 3–6 reviewers from the LEAP network who provide critical feedback and potential resources. Reviewers also recommend plans to receive Catalyst Grants.
  6. Fellows develop a final Strategic Action Plan draft of their action plan in consultation with a professional editor.
  7. The final collection of Strategic Action Plans is published online as living documents for wider community input. 
  8. Catalyst Grants are awarded based on input from reviewers and the LEAP board.

The Strategic Action Plan development and implementation process

The Strategic Action Plan development and implementation process

Strategic Action Plan Review Criteria

  • Does this plan articulate an important need?
  • Does this plan provide a compelling vision? 
  • Does this plan have a clear public value proposition? 
  • Does this plan have a clear path to implementation?
  • Does this plan engage key thought leaders and stakeholders? 
  • Does this plan embody the ethos of LEAP?
  • Does this plan need catalyst support to move forward?

Catalyst Grant Review Criteria

  • Does this project represent the LEAP brand?
  • Is this project likely to be successful?
  • Will this project have a significant impact? 
  • Will this project enable others? 
  • Would this project move ahead without LEAP funding?
  • Does this project plan for sustainability?