LEAP has developed an evolving set of principles to convey our values and guide our work. 


• Anyone can lead: We believe that everyone has the potential to lead, but many people lack critical skills, networks and resources to help them succeed. LEAP aims to provide support to empower Fellows at key stages in their careers and enable them to grow both professionally and personally. 

• Leaders inspire: LEAP aims to inspire Fellows to question, evaluate and lead the course of social and technical development. Through their actions, we believe these Fellows will serve as inspiring examples to others in their communities. 

• Processes over prescription: LEAP aims to develop critical-process thinking and reflection, rather than prescribing rules and boundaries. We act as neutral mediators and create safe, inclusive and collaborative environments in which Fellows can grow, learn and thrive. 

• Diversity matters: We believe we have a good deal to learn from other geographies, sectors, disciplines and interests. LEAP aims to seek diversity among its Fellows and mentors, and the stakeholders and thought leaders it convenes, to inform and influence visions for the field. 

• Communities catalyze: We believe that no one leads alone and that the best ideas are developed together. LEAP aims to foster a community that shares experiences and lessons, and responds to important issues that influence the field and the world. 

• Partnerships scale: Biotechnology affects diverse and emerging communities and sectors. LEAP believes that partnerships are the most effective mechanism to shape and realize the community’s vision and scale the impact of the program. 

• Institutions must learn: Needs change over time, especially in an emerging field. We believe that constant, active learning is essential, and we will continue to evolve LEAP to meet the needs of an ever-changing field. 

LEAP taught me how vital it was to see the bigger picture and how my work fits into it. It encouraged me to be adventurous with my plans and ambitions, and then gave me tools and tricks for how to realize them.
— 2015 LEAP Fellow